Our client is a young boy who was struggling to write and draw due to coordination issues and sudden involuntary movements.
Our solution was to make a baseboard from MDF, and sheet steel which was covered in white sticky back plastic.
A platform was then made comprising a pen/pencil/crayon holder made of copper tube covered in heat shrink sleeving, and attached to a perspex platform sat on three machined aluminium legs with magnetic ball bearing rollers. The front ball bearing is spring loaded so the weight of the hand on the platform brings the pen in contact with the paper. Four magnets are used to hold the paper in place on the base board, or masking tape for small sheets.
The end result is a writing support which sticks to the board with magnetism and glides smoothly across the paper and tends to dampen any involuntary movements.
Baseboard taking shape with a section of steel sheet (used for car body repairs).
To hold a pen, pencil, or crayon To hold a pen, pencil, or crayon
Detail of the shaped acetal block holding the copper pen tube at the correct angle, and also the important front support leg which will contain the spring loaded magnets and ball bearing.
The contents of the front support leg comprising a spring, two strong neodymium magnets, machined PTFE ball bearing race, and ball bearing.  
Detail of one of the rear legs showing two strong neodymium magnets, machined PTFE ball bearing race, ball bearing, and securing plate.   
The completed platform. Note the thumb screws to clamp pens, pencils and crayons. A sheet of Dycen non slip material sticks by static onto the perspex platform to provide a non slip surface for the hand.
Pen set in position just above the writing surface so hand pressure down on the platform brings it into contact.
Underside of the platform showing the magnetic ball bearing rollers secured in position.
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