Our client has a property which has been adapted with various access ramps, but the patio door threshold remained a challenge for her electric wheelchair.  Whilst there are commercial door threshold ramps available, they have to be set up and removed - perhaps by a carer.
We created some small steel custom ramps, supported by wedge shaped sections of weatherproofed timber, tailored precisely to the gap the wheelchair needed to bridge, and covered in non-slip waterproof material. Inserts were also made for the aluminium frame of the door to help support the weight of the chair as it crosses over.  The doors can now be opened and closed with the ramps permanently fixed in place so our client can go out onto the patio without assistance.
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This photo shows the nature of the issue where the decking outside the patio door could only be brought up against the uPVC sill, leaving a gap that the wheelchair would struggle to cross.   
Specially made brackets lock these support strips into the aluminium frame of the door, without affecting how it opens or seals.  
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