Our client is elderly and with very limited strength, and was struggling to engage the locking mechanism on her uPVC doors.  We took a set of good quality commercially available replacement handles made by the Swiss company Hoppe, drilled the handles out of the back plates, and fabricated an entirely new extended handle out of aluminium which gave significant additional leverage. The process was repeated for the back door. The property is rented so the old handles can be refitted in just a couple of minutes if she moves home in the future.
It should be noted that Hoppe make an extended version of their "Paris" model of handle to help with issues of this type, but it provided insufficient leverage in this case.
The following photos show the construction process. Note the white PTFE washers created to ensure a tight but friction free fit of the handle to the backplate. The finish was a combination of durable heat-shrink sleeve on the stem of the handle, and enamel paint. A black plastic tube plug completes the neat solution, and a white plastic knob makes the handle easy to grip.  The overall white finish and slender bar used makes the modification less obtrusive against the white door.
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