Our client is a young girl with cerebral palsy, who struggled with the buttons on some of her toys. Adaptations were made to take commercially available "Jelly Bean" switches which are very easy to operate.
In this case, the toy is a "Leap Frog" educational toy where repeatedly pressing a yellow button in the centre spins a disk where the device speaks either the letter or the animal it lands on. Pressing the button requires too much effort for her.
To solve the problem, we simply motorised the spinning of the disk allowing it to be controlled from a Jelly Bean switch.
Due to the high gearing already in the device, it was necessary to find a motor with a reduction gearbox so the disk didn't spin excessively fast where it could have potentially caused friction burns if a child was to touch the disk.   A small 62:1 ratio motor/gearbox  was eventually selected for the purpose - resulting in the disk spinning no faster than it would originally.
A machined aluminium cylinder encloses the motor, with a perspex lid and motor mounting, and additional components made from machined Acetal.  The modification is also easily reversible as it makes use of the existing mounting points for the mechanism. As components are mainly metal, a fuse holder was added to the lid.  With some machining of the aluminium tube, a 9V battery just fits down the side of the motor.
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