Our client has MS and was finding it difficult to operate the flush on the WC. She is wheel chair bound and the chair prevents her getting near enough to the WC, so she has to stretch forward and cannot work the lever.
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Our first solution was a lever attached to the wall which effectively extended the handle forwards, but this didn't'quite offer enough leverage to operate - eventhough the original toilet flush handle operated smoothly and easily.
A second solution was a pole with a handle at one and and a socket at the other, but this proved a little too difficult for the client to engage reliably
Finally, a curtain pull cord and pulley arrangement was found to be the optimum solution, requiring a minimum of effort. 
This project demonstrates that it can sometimes take more than one attempt to find the solution that is just right for the particular circumstances and disability, and this is particularly the case with degenerative conditions such as MS. i.e. a solution which is borderline can become unusable in a relatively short period of time.
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