Our client is a young boy who had become too heavy for the rating of a Speedo double ring swimming float.
A commercially available floatation device had been obtained but was found to have an unsuitable seating position, and might also allow the child to be able to lean over and get his face into the water - which had to be avoided.
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Commercially available float
We took the commercially available float and significantly increased the size of the tube frame using solvent weld pipe.
We then cut away the outer Speedo float ring, and retained the inner ring - re-using its tabs to secure it in position within the outer floatation frame.
Finally, we added straps beneath the float to transfer most of the child's weight to the outer floats, so the inner ring tabs are not carrying significant load. We also added  additional floats made of EVA foam for stability.
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The tabs which used to link inner and outer Speedo floats together were considered a likely weak point as they are simply two layers of plastic with a couple of narrow weld lines.
The section we intended to clamp through was opened up and given a thick coating of Aradite to reduce the possibility of any tearing.  
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