A client with arthritis was struggling to operate a shower mixer. The flow control was a particularly awkward shape, which made the usual sorts of adaptations unsuitable. It was not possible to obtain a replacement on which permanent modifications could be made.
The solution was to create a replacement for the entire flow control. This was made using 60mm diameter aluminium tube, welded to a round aluminium plate and machined.  Turned aluminium bars were added to give the leverage.
A flange was made to go onto the original splined control spindle, and this flange was cross drilled at 90 degree intervals to take stainless steel machine screws which had been ground to a point at the end. The body of the new control is then attached to the flange using two further machine screws.
Finally, a “cap” turned from aluminium bar is then attached to the front of the control with a screw stud, to cover up the two screws securing the control to the flange.
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