Following on from the child spork, our young client needed a suction grip to help her position herself at the table.
The Rifton Anchor range would be a popular choice, but their K821 Hand Anchor was too large a diameter at over an inch, for a very young child.
The base was retained, but the mechanism and handle was completely replaced with a bespoke turned aluminium assembly. The original handle can still be refitted in the future.
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Hand Anchor handle is a very tight press fit at the top and needed carefully prising apart to avoid damage once the two screws towards the bottom of the handle had been removed.
remap040009.jpg remap040008.jpg
The existing mechanism was too large a diameter to re-use. The nut is 3/4 inch AF, on a 1/2 inch acme thread. The split pin at the base of the mechanism was drifted out, leaving a square spigot around 1/4 inch across.
remap040007.jpg remap040006.jpg
The new M12 threaded spindle ready to attach to the spigot. It is a very tight interference fit, and an M4 bolt through the spigot ensures it cannot come off.
remap040005.jpg remap040004.jpg
The new handle and T bar assembly.
remap040003.jpg remap040002.jpg remap040001.jpg
Completed assembly covered in adhesive lined heat-shrink sleeve.
The final diameter was about 18mm. 
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