Our client is a well built middle aged man who is now finding it difficult to rise to his feet after kneeling to weed in his garden borders. He considered the familiar double handled kneeling bench that doubles up as a seat would take up too much space in the planting and damage the plants underneath it. He felt that some sort of one-handed prop was what he needed, but with a broad base to prevent it sinking into soft soil.
The finished device ideally would have a handle at about knee height on the average adult when standing and be capable of resisting some side loading when being used to help him stand up.
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A 10 ebay "Garden Claw" hand cultivator formed a strong basis for the solution. Suitably shortened, a replacement handle made from an old bathroom ladder radiator was bolted on to make it just the right height to provide the necessary support.
The completed item being tested with the client.
Harrogate and Ripon Group