Our client has arthritis and found her cooker controls a little difficult to turn. There are some commercially available gadgets on the market but these don't tend to help when the controls are round as in this case. We have a simple solution.
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Large electrolytic capacitors are common in power supplies to smooth the output. These are typically secured to the chassis with special clamps - which are available in numerous sizes, are cheap to buy, and make an ideal starting point for dealing with round controls.
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The small stabilising lugs left and right can be cut off.   
Flat finger grips were made of aluminium, and tapped out to M3 to take machine screws through the flanges of the clamps. The clamp then has Hoover rubber drive belt stuck to its inside surfaces with adhesive (left hand clamp shown drying on a wooden former) so it will then grip the cooker knob effectively.  A coat of brown enamel paint improves the look, and the clamp is then tightened using an M4 machine screw and nut. The controls are now very easy to grip and turn.
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