A conventional "spork" (combination spoon/fork) had a spoon too large, and handle too thick for a young girl.
A teaspoon was about the right size for her, so one had sections cut out of it with a Dremel cutting disk, and shaped using a thin Dremel grinding disk to form the tangs of the fork.
A piece of solid aluminium bar was turned down to the required diameter for the handle, and a 6mm hole drilled in one end to a depth of around 40mm to take a cut-down section of the teaspoon handle. The bar was then drilled out from the other end to reduce the weight, and to take a plastic bung.
A securing hole was drilled and tapped  through the handle/teaspoon and an M3 stainless machine screw inserted.  The hole around the teaspoon stem was then filled with Durafix EasyWeld rod, and the resultant rough weld was cut back in the lathe and refinished, then the exposed aluminium and stainless steel was polished to a bright shine.
Finally, some marine grade waterproof adhesive lined heat shrink sleeve was applied around the handle to make it easier to hold. This is typically used to protect electrical joints on boats and is most commonly black. We located some red sleeving which turned out to be nearer pink in colour - great for our young client!
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Spork polished and ready for heat-shrink to be applied.
Solid bar drilled out to reduce the weight.
Spork prior to cutting and grinding marks being sanded and polished out.
M3 countersunk machine screw ensures stem cannot work loose.
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