Our client is a young boy who has gastrostomy tubes. These can become sore/uncomfortable, and at times, feeding was becoming difficult for a parent or carer working alone, to try and keep the child still and prevent him hurting himself.
The board comprises two arches made of EVA foam, supported on wooden frames. The larger arch is positioned immediately under the child's outstretched arms. The smaller arch is positioned around the upper thighs. These just provide minimal light restraint of the child's torso, leaving his arms free to move, and with no possibility of the sort of over-tightening which could occur if some sort of straps had been used.  
The arches are secured to the base with Velcro - ensuring they can be removed in seconds if required. The foam can also be reshaped as the child grows.  An EVA foam covered base and soft travel pillow make it comfy for the child.  
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