Our client was a teenage girl who needed to lie on a support frame when taking a bath. The support frame is commercially available but the suction cups fitted to the bottom of it were not good enough to keep it in position, so it would tend to slide around.
Our first step was to stop the frame tending to slide down the length of the bath, and this was achieved with an anchor point at the top of the bath made of aluminium, to which the frame is secured with adjustable straps.  The anchor point hooks over the edge of the bath and Dycem non-slip material stops it moving.  
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The second step was to stop the frame moving from side to side, and this was achieved by using two supports like this - which fit under the centre and foot of the frame, and are made from EVA foam cut to match the contours of the bath, linked with stainless steel tie-rods.
remap016006.jpg remap016005.jpg
A third support of a similar type clips to the frame itself and secures the top. The end result is the frame held firmly in position, with no modifications/damage to the bath.
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A securing strap with velcro fastening was made from lifting sling material to complete the project.
Harrogate and Ripon Group