Our second project to fit additional (removable) support arms to a bath chair.
In this case, our client had developed a lean to her left side. Her husband uses a hoist to assist placing her into a chair lift which is situated in the bath. When the chair is lowered she inclines away from him making it difficult to both support and bathe her, and her occupational therapist asked if we could provide additional support on the affected side.
Although the chair is the client’s property we decided not to drill any mounting holes but manufacture a simple clamp which would allow for adjustment and ease of modification.
The support can be rotated away from the front so that it does not impede the hoisting action. When the client is seated correctly and the hoist released, the support can be swung into position. The contact point between the support and the client is designed to be approx. mid upper arm and a reasonable area of plastic material reduces contact pressure.
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